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My dad got new shoes he’s gonna wear them on his first day of middle school


going in for the save

All these accounts of Dashcon read like the synopses of Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes like





This all just seems like a complex scheme devised while eating cat food and huffing glue I am just saying


one of my earliest cds had some short spoken word interludes about a cat named kim going to summer camp (you can hear them at the end of this and this song) but ive never posted the story in its entirety, just a few little clips

anyways id pretty much forgotten about the entire thing but rickdemocracy just commissioned fanart of kim based on the description from the cd which is a really cute idea but.. its too funny

this is the full 8 minute long recording. it is very not safe for work


dumb android doesnt know what the FUCK is going on

cutie nsfw ROBABE 


this is quite possibly the rudest tweet ever directed at me